Engine Rebuilding

Engine reconditioning has many levels so its important to know what your getting. Not every level is mentioned here as a one-on-one is required for a serious build. We have been building in-house engines for many years so your getting our experience with each build. Our pet hate is to do a job twice!

Do it once properly! This couldn't be a better philosophy when it comes to engine building as many hours go into to the removal /fitting alone.

Options if your engine is blown/worn....

  1. Rebuild your standard engine, generally a strip and quote depending on damage.
  2. Short block conversion, up grade your standard block to an STI. Subaru are now selling these at an affordable price. Most common choice due to price/quality.
  3. Second hand engine... it's generally the cheaper option but not always the best. Mostly chosen if your budget is tight and you are selling the car. Always remember you have added costs of putting in a new timing belt/kit/water pump and seals, as most import engines have approx 100,000 kms on them.
  4. A custom engine! This may be configured of different block/heads and internal parts. Extra time is taken to do a detailed measurement of clearances and volume, called blue printing. This engine varies in price as different procedures occur. Again a one-on-one is required to work out final costings/power output.

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